5 ROI's about Waitstaff you should consider

Who will set up the Venue?

Venue secured...check

Glasses ordered...check

Centerpieces ordered...check

Chairs and Tables ordered...check!

The Venue in itself is perfect. You splurged and hired an amazing Wedding planner or Day of Coordinator. Will he/she set up your venue? Will he/she be responsible for vendor check in? And who refills the water glasses?

Most people assume that getting family to do the little extra things at the event saves money. However in the end...it can create headaches. Hiring a waitstaff crew provides a 150% ROI. Here are 5 reasons why hiring a waitstaff is beneficial:

1. Everyone will be treated equally. Hired help will not discriminate against serving the bride or groom side of the family first.

2. Set-up and Take down. Lets do the math, 150 guests, 8-10 at a table...that is 10-20 tables. Who will set-up and breakdown all of the equipment according to the rental agreement. Remember you will pay if it is not done right! Waitstaff are experienced in opening and closing.

3. Can I have some water? Let's face it, everyone doesn't drink, therefore water is the most natural choice. Whether you have bottled water or from the faucet, know and plan who will control that aspect. Hired help could include that in their contract.

4. Talk of the town! Everyone has their own opinions but when it is about you...it can hurt. Would you like for your guests to remember your cousin complaining about being your cousin and serving or the uniformed hired help that flowed with the event.

5. Licensed to serve! Majority of hired help are insured to do just that. They are credentialed to serve food and alcohol. Be honest, do your friends and family really care about the temperature of the food and the time food is sitting out?

These are just somethings to think about as you plan your next event.

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